Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore MTV Reality Show is going off with a bang and even if you originally took little interest in the show, all the gossip about the show would have probably got you interested by now as it seems to be the talk of the town. Anyway, if you missed out on the crazy goings on in the Second Season of the show then hopefully this article will give you some insight of what has been happening. Or you can watch any missed episodes on DVD. Just click any of the Amazon Adds to the right of this article then navigate to the DVD that interests you. Season Two of MTVs Jersey Shore was shot in Miami Beach Florida in May 2010 and premiered on 29th July 2010. Running up to October 2010.

In this amazing Season of The Jersey Shore MTV reality show all of the members head south to Miami, as you can see from its setting, with Pauly D, Mike the Situation Snooki and J Woww making a road trip all the way. It all started with a drama at the house, With the arrival of Angelina and her apology to the girls. There was romance in the air with Sammi and Ronnie who had been single (all be it not for long) and got along well again. However, Ronnie is up to no good behind Sammi's back, as specially when the lad had an encounter with the Ladys  in the hot tub. This prompts the girls to write aletter to Sammi telling her about Ronnie’s naughty deeds but not saying whom the letter is from.

Sammi reads the letter and is angry and upset by it. There is discontent among the girls. Jwoww and Sammi  go nuts at each other in a crazy catfight .

Jose from the club gets together with Angelina who also gets with Vinny. In fact Angelina seems to keep changing from Jose to Vinny and back again.This makes Mike “The Situation”  create a Situation and he finally tells the girls.

Eventually It all gets too much for Angelina who quits after discussing everything with the other mates and arguing with Snooki then promising to leave for ever. No sooner has Angelina gone then the Situation goes crazy with Snooki and a web of relationships.

It really is a must see episode.

Is there something in the air in New Jersey?
Rude, snappy people with annoying gravelly accents. It's not Joisey. The Jersey Shore. Full of braindead sluts like the disgusting Snooki and man-sluts like the Situation. Makes people dumber and makes girls act like whores. RINO governor Christine Todd Whitman. Hedge fund manager, con artist, and Obama crony governor and senator Jon Corzine RINO governor Chris Christie. Romney's fat brother.

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